Digital Twin Planning

Digital twin technology, like much of the modern construction technology we use, is a relatively new tool that companies can use in project planning, execution and operation of an asset. 

The first step is communicating with the owner about the purpose of the digital twin. Some of the advantages of using a digital twin include:

  1. Simulating potential scenarios helps identify safety hazards in a facility and devise solutions to mitigate them during both construction and operation. This approach would contribute to raising standards for health and safety.
  2. Testing design solutions in a simulated environment can prevent expensive errors and optimize the use of materials and resources.
  3. Analyzing data from a digital twin can pinpoint areas for operational improvement, enhancing decision-making, predictive maintenance, and reducing operational costs.
  4. Better access to building data throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset can aid in achieving sustainability goals and reducing the carbon footprint.

BIM Working has the BIM expertise, agile work processes, and industry partners required to enable the development of a custom digital twin solution. 

For building owners interested in turning their BIM models into a digital twin for facility & asset management, BIM Working is offering a no-obligation call to discuss potential use cases.

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