Revit MEP Training & Setup

Revit MEP has changed the way professionals in the mechanical, electrical, and communications engineering and construction industry plan, design, and build modern building systems.

Revit MEP gives us tools to visualize designs, overlay structural elements and look around corners. It allows us to plan smarter, design systems that are more compact and efficient than ever before, and consistently exceed expectations. However, Revit also takes time to master.

The team at BIM Working has already taken the time to do that, and we're ready to bring our hands-on expertise into your office so you can hit the ground running.

Revit MEP Setup Services

State-of-the-art BIM authoring platforms like Revit MEP are more powerful than ever before. They can integrate with so many other platforms, services and software, and there are so many customizations available to improve accuracy and streamline workflows - but getting it all set up correctly can be complex and time-consuming.

BIM Working offers Revit MEP setup services that take the pressure off your team, and ensure that your Revit MEP systems are set up correctly from day one.

Revit MEP Training

Learning to use and implement tools like Revit MEP takes time, and when your team is already trying to stay ahead of complex projects, that's one commodity you might not have.

Our personalized Revit MEP training offers a tailored, hands-on training and support solution that will get your team up to speed fast.


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