Revit MEP Training & Setup

Revit MEP has changed the way professionals in the mechanical, electrical, and communications engineering and construction industry design and build modern building systems.

With Revit MEP, we have access to powerful tools that enable us to visualize designs, incorporate structural elements seamlessly, and gain new perspectives. It empowers us to plan intelligently, creating systems that are not only more compact but also highly efficient, surpassing expectations. However, mastering Revit can be a complex process that requires time and dedication.

At BIM Working, our team has already invested the necessary time and effort to become experts in Revit MEP. We are eager to bring our hands-on expertise directly to your office, ensuring a smooth transition and enabling you to hit the ground running. 

Project Setup

BIM Working provides top-notch Revit MEP setup services that alleviate the burden on your team and guarantee accurate system and project setup right from the beginning. Our comprehensive services encompass BIM execution planning, project template setup, expert guidance on model maintenance, streamlined coordination processes, and meticulous documentation of standards.

Content Creation

Whether you need Revit families created of MEP products or want to expand your design consultancy office library, BIM Working has got you covered. With a team of skilled Revit family content creators by your side, you can streamline project designs and meet customer requests with ease. Fast-track your progress and deliver exceptional results.


Training new hires to effectively use and implement tools like Revit MEP can be time-consuming. When your team is already striving to stay ahead on complex projects, time becomes a valuable commodity. That's where our personalized Revit MEP training comes in. We offer a tailored, hands-on training and support solution that will swiftly bring your new team members up to speed.


For advanced projects or when you just need a little extra help, we are happy to provide project consulting services. Our team of BIM experts can work directly with your team, providing guidance, troubleshooting assistance and quality control checks. This ensures that your projects are completed efficiently.


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