ISO 19650 Standards Implementation

Like the technologies it's designed to standardise, ISO 19650 has not been around very long. The current regulations were first published in 2018, so it's not surprising that many organisations are still trying to become compliant.

At BIM Working, we've taken a practical approach to the leveraging of the ISO 19650 series of standards. Aligning with the core concepts such as the level of information need framework, management of the the common data environment and the use of a file naming structure in manner that adds value to projects.

What We Do

Implementing ISO 19650 standards can appear like a monumental undertaking, but one that is not to be avoided. Once your organisation has engaged with the information management standards, your BIM processes, from concept design to asset information model handover, will be greatly improved.

Our team has pratical experience implementing the following ISO 19650 parts on BIM projects:

  • ISO 19650-1: Concepts and Principles
  • ISO 19650-2: Delivery Phase of the Assets
  • ISO 19650-3: Operational Phase of the Assets
  • ISO 19650-4: Information Exchange
  • ISO 19650-5: Security-minded Approach to Information Management

Whether you want to implementing the core concepts of ISO 19650 for an upcoming project or want to prepare for ISO 19650 Certification, BIM Working can help.


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