ISO 19650 Standards

The ISO 19650 series of standards, like the BIM technologies they aim to standardize, are relatively new. First published in 2018, many organizations are still grappling with their implementation. At BIM Working, we take a practical approach to leverage these standards, aligning with core concepts such as specifying information requirements, management of the common data environment, and using a value-adding file naming structure.

To achieve the key objectives of ISO 19650, our information management approach involves defining and requesting project-specific information requirements through the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) document. Working closely with the client, we create an EIR that outlines standards and processes for information exchange throughout the project lifecycle, from design to asset information model handover.

As the representative of the Appointing Party, we provide clear guidelines to the Appointed Party in developing a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan (BEP). This plan details how the delivery team should manage information delivery for each phase of the project. The Level of Information Need (LOIN) framework guides the extent and granularity of information required at each phase, with the Lead Appointed Party publishing their plan in the BEP before commencing work. The Appointing Party then reviews this plan against their own Organization Requirements (OIR) and provides feedback on the LOIN for each project delivery phase.

The Organization Information Requirements (OIR) are defined through client discussions, focusing on the asset and business operation information needed. Defining these early on the project serves as a starting point for understanding the rest of the information requirements.

Implementing a robust information management process based on ISO 19650 standards brings numerous benefits and opportunities, including enhanced collaboration among stakeholders, improved efficiency in information management and delivery, reduced risk and errors in project management, and accurate asset information for building operation and maintenance. With our practical experience in implementing ISO 19650 standards on BIM projects, BIM Working is well-equipped to assist you, whether you need to implement core concepts for an upcoming project or prepare for ISO 19650 Certification.


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